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The Army Painter, we firmly believe that miniature painting should be an enjoyable, straightforward, and swift process, freeing up more time for gaming. That's why The Army Painter range introduced the revolutionary "Spray, Paint, Dip, Done" technique. With just four simple steps, this method empowers you to effortlessly paint any army, regardless of its size.

The Army Painter | Collection

The innovative 4 part process to painting the perfect miniatures with Army Painter paints.



Priming your models is a crucial yet uncomplicated step in the miniature painting process.

Prior to delving into painting, ensure to prime your model using a Colour Primer. This not only enhances paint adhesion but also safeguards the paint's longevity.


After assembling and priming your models, it's time to unleash your creativity!

Painted miniatures inject vibrancy into your gaming experience, immersing you in every session. Whether you opt for Warpaints Fanatic, Speedpaints, or Warpaints Air, breathe life into your miniatures with colour schemes that align with your imagination.


After finishing your painting process, make sure to further enhance your miniature's realism with either a Quickshade Dip or Wash.

These products offer a swift and effortless method to introduce striking depth, subtle nuances, and intricate shading to your miniature.


To finalise your miniature and create show-stopping visual impact, focus on the finishing touches. Incorporate highlights, refine the miniature's base, and apply varnish to seal your creation, significantly enhancing its overall appearance and tactile experience.