Acrylic Dice

Immerse yourself in your tabletop gaming experience with our high-quality acrylic dice sets. Light, durable, and artistically crafted, these dice are more than gaming tools – they are works of art. Looking to start your TTRPG journey on a budget? Our acrylic dice sets are the perfect solution for both newcomers and seasoned adventurers alike. Crafted from high-quality materials, these dice ensure fair and balanced rolls without breaking the bank.


Acrylic Dice

Acrylic Dice Sets

Crafting Acrylic Dice

Our acrylic dice sets are meticulously crafted from top-quality acrylic material. Each set undergoes a detailed production process, including molding, polishing, and precise inking, to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

Long-Lasting Vibrant Colors

One of the most common concerns among gamers is the potential fading of dice colors over time. Rest assured, our acrylic dice sets are designed to retain their vibrant colors for many years, even when exposed to indirect sunlight. Your collection will stay vibrant and eye-catching, enhancing your gaming sessions.

Find Your Perfect Set

Ready to add these exquisite acrylic dice sets to your collection? Look no further. Our Shopify store offers a diverse and captivating selection of acrylic dice sets. Each set is a unique masterpiece, waiting to elevate your tabletop gaming experience.


How are acrylic dice made?

Our Dice are crafted from top-quality acrylic material through a multi-step process, including molding, polishing, and precise inking. Usually created through a process of injection molding techniques. This ensures a solid dice with no air bubbles.

Do the dice colors fade over time?

No, acrylic dice colors remain vibrant for years, even when exposed to indirect sunlight.

Why are acrylic dice an excellent choice for tabletop gaming?

Acrylic DND dice are an ideal choice due to their durability, vibrant colors, and consistent rolling experience. They are more than gaming tools; they are works of art.