Are you a tabletop gamer with a flair for style and a passion for rolling those critical hits? Look no further! Our collection of exquisite jewellery is crafted with you in mind. At Tabletop Dominion, we've combined the love for tabletop gaming with the elegance of fine jewellery to bring you a unique and enchanting range of accessories.

Dice Jewellery

For passionate tabletop gaming enthusiasts, expressing your unwavering love for Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPG games beyond the confines of your gaming sessions can be a challenge. How do you let the world know about your deep-rooted passion? The answer lies in dice jewellery – a unique and innovative way to wear your tabletop gaming devotion with pride.

Types of Dice Jewellery

When it comes to dice jewellery, there are diverse options to choose from. These unique adornments include:


D20 Delights

D20 earrings are an exquisite manifestation of your love for TTRPG games. They go beyond being a mere fashion accessory; they open doors to engaging conversations with those around you. The iconic 20-sided dice captures the attention of both fellow enthusiasts and curious onlookers, sparking their interest in Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop gaming as a whole. With an extensive range of D20 earrings to choose from, you can effortlessly match them with various outfits and occasions, making a statement and sharing your passion for gaming.


Wear Your Love Close to Your Heart

Dice necklaces offer another enchanting way to exhibit your tabletop devotion. These necklaces feature carefully crafted dice pendants that hang close to your heart, acting as a constant reminder of the adventures and excitement that tabletop gaming brings. Dice necklaces come in various designs, allowing you to select one that resonates with your personal style and preferences. They make a splendid gift for tabletop gaming enthusiasts or a treat for yourself, celebrating your passion and commitment to the world of tabletop gaming.

The Perfect Gift for a Tabletop Gaming Enthusiast

If you're searching for the ideal gift for a tabletop gaming enthusiast in your life, dice jewellery is an excellent choice. Whether it's a pair of D20 earrings, a unique dice necklace, or any other dice-related adornment, these accessories demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration. They symbolize your recognition of their passion and your willingness to support and share in their tabletop adventures.

DND Dice jewellery goes beyond aesthetics; it's a wearable manifestation of your commitment to tabletop gaming. It bridges the gap between your gaming world and the outside world, allowing you to express your love and enthusiasm for TTRPG games in an elegant and engaging way. Elevate your personal style and wear your passion with pride, showcasing the thrilling adventures that tabletop gaming has to offer. We even have Dice Keyrings !