Liquid Core Dice | TTRPG

The ultimate indulgence in polyhedral dice. With all the same qualities of our sharp edge resin dice with a bit of added magic. These dice have a liquid filled sphere at their core, combined with mica powders to create swirling magical effects that can't be ignored.

The liquid swirls and rotates as you roll the dice, therefore its impossible for them to be weighted on any one number

Liquid Core Dice Sets

What Are Liquid Core Dice?

Liquid Core Dice represents an innovative evolution of traditional tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) dice. These remarkable dice boast a mesmerizing core filled with fluid, often adorned with captivating elements like shimmering mica powder or glitter. Upon rolling, the liquid core springs to life, creating a captivating visual display that elevates your gaming adventures. At Tabletop Dominion, we proudly present a diverse selection of Liquid Core Dice sets, each possessing its own unique allure.

But that's not all. Our realm of gaming treasures extends far beyond Liquid Core Dice. We invite you to explore a multitude of collections that cater to every gaming whim:

Sharp Edge Resin Dice: Where precision and elegance meet, offering a dice-rolling experience like no other.

Metal Dice: Heavy and durable, these dice are the embodiment of reliability for seasoned adventurers.

Acrylic Dice: Transparency meets style, providing a clear path to victory for those who seek it.

And here's the exciting twist—our mesmerizing liquid cores are not limited to standard sets. You can find them in D100, 100 Sided variants for those seeking the pinnacle of dramatic rolls and in Large D20 Chonk variants for a bold statement at the gaming table. Whether you're exploring Liquid Core Dice or any of our other collections, Tabletop Dominion promises a thrilling journey through the world of tabletop gaming.

Are Liquid Core Dice Balanced?

Without a doubt! Our Dice undergo a meticulous manufacturing process to meet the highest standards of balance and fairness. The liquid inside is thoughtfully calibrated to maintain equilibrium, ensuring reliable and precise rolls. Rest assured, your experience with Liquid Core Dice will be an enhancement to your TTRPG journey without compromising on fairness. Liquid Core Dice deliver exceptionally smooth rolls. The movement of the liquid core introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement to your rolls, immersing you further in each gaming session. You can read more about this in our blog post here: Are Liquid Core Dice Balanced?

How Are Liquid Core Dice made?

Crafting Liquid Core Dice is a harmonious blend of artistry and precision. Each die features a core made of resin or acrylic, housing captivating elements such as shimmering mica powder or glitter. This core is carefully placed within the mold and expertly cast using top-tier resin to form the outer shell. Our skilled artisans take painstaking measures to center the liquid core as much as possible, guaranteeing consistent and visually stunning rolls.