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We are Tabletop Dominion LTD

Tabletop Dominion are Dice Merchants and Tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

Tabletop Dominion is the brainchild of Sam Caprani. Sam is a keen tabletop gamer and a skilled product designer. He started off designing and producing artisan dice boxes and accessories, for D&D gaming, from exotic and local woods.
After speaking with customers, Sam realised that he needed to expand into high-quality polyhedral dice production and sales. With this in mind he recruited the help of Jon Carter, an entrepreneur and businessman he’d worked with before. Together, they formed Tabletop Dominion.
From here they populated a small Etsy store, specialising in handmade artisan dice boxes/vaults and high-quality handmade dice.
The Etsy store really took off, thanks to all you dice goblins and artisan accessory enthusiasts, so they decided to launch a brand-new website at the beginning of 2023.
The aim of the website was to provide a clean, indulgent shopping experience with affordable pricing for all dice and artisan Dungeons and Dragons accessories.
Sam says “We are proud of the products we offer and use them ourselves on a daily basis”.
As travelling Dice Merchants, you may have seen them at one of your local tabletop gaming events. If you do see them, by all means pop over and say hi, there’s nothing Sam enjoys more than a chat about D&D dice, products or just tabletop games in general.