Moving Eyeball Dice

The eyeball designs are eye-catching and a little unnerving. The eyeball inside does move with each throw of the dice, and they do a wonderful little wobble once they come to a stop. The eye is always positioned in the same spot, pointing upwards, so they're always watching your throws. Don't cheat, or they will know.

Moving Eyeball Dice

What are Moving Eyeball Dice?

Gaze Into the Unique

Moving Eyeball Dice are a remarkable blend of artistry and gaming innovation. They feature eyeball designs that are not just eye-catching but also slightly unnerving. The real magic happens when you roll them. The eyeball inside each die moves freely, creating a captivating wobble as they come to rest. The eye always remains in the same spot, continuously watching and following the action. It's a stark reminder to play fair because these dice have a way of knowing. Whether an uncanny human eye or a set of Dragon eye dice looted from your last battle, these dice are sure to be the talk of the table.

Rolling these dice is not just a game; it's an experience in itself, where the eyes are always on you.

How Do the Eyes Move?

The Secrets of the Liquid Core

The eyes within Moving Eyeball Dice are brought to life by a liquid core encased in resin. This ingenious design allows the eyeballs to move freely within the dice. The liquid core enables the internal eye to swivel, spin, and wobble before finally settling, pointing up at the rolled number. It's a mesmerizing spectacle that adds an element of mystery to every roll.

The movement of the eyeballs is the result of a carefully designed liquid core, turning each roll into a visual masterpiece.

Does the Eyeball Impact the Balance of the Rolls?

Maintaining Fair Play

One common concern with unique dice like these is whether the eyeball affects the balance of the rolls. The good news is that the liquid core and the movement at the center of the dice are designed with momentum and inertia in mind. This means that the eyeball doesn't impact the balance of the rolls. Every roll is as fair and unbiased as traditional dice, ensuring that your gaming experience remains genuine and unpredictable.

Rest assured, the Moving Eyeball Dice maintain the integrity of your rolls, adding a touch of theatrics without compromising fairness.

These unique dice sets come in 7-piece collections as well as Giant D20 versions. The Moving Eyeball Dice have gained immense popularity and are now a globally recognized trending product. They are the conversation starter at any gaming table, adding a touch of the supernatural to your gameplay.

Experience the uncanny charm of Moving Eyeball Dice and make every roll an unforgettable adventure.

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