Art Core Dice

Welcome to our enchanting collection of ART - CORE DICE, where magic and elegance meet in the realm of tabletop gaming. Explore our diverse range of dice sets that capture the essence of beauty, artistry, and adventure. Each set tells a unique story, from the ethereal allure of Snowflower | ART - CORE DICE with its frost-kissed petals, to the enigmatic contrast of light and dark in Death Blossom | ART - CORE DICE

Immerse yourself in the captivating designs, whether it's the combative charm of Floral Tsundere | ART - CORE DICE or the pristine elegance of Candied Blossom | ART - CORE DICE These dice sets are not only tools for gaming but also works of art that ignite the imagination and elevate your gaming experience. Pre-order your exclusive ART - CORE DICE set today and let the magic unfold as you embark on thrilling adventures in your favorite tabletop worlds.


So what are Art Core / Clear Shell Dice ?

Art Frozen in Time

At tabletop dominion we noticed there didnt really seem to be a name for this style of dice other than "layered" or "Clear Shell" this was far too boring and clinical for the beauty of these meticulously crafted products. Each set undergoes a detailed production process, including molding, polishing, and precise inking, to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and precision. The beauty and unique designs available in this range made us go for the much more appropriate "Art Core"

Elegant Durability

These Dice are handmade, that means they are poured into a mould by hand, extracted and cleaned by hand, then sanded, inked and polished. All by hand! Great care is taken during this process and as they are made of a strong durable resin, they will last a lifetime.

Putting the "I" in Dice

Ready to add these beautiful art-core dice sets to your collection? Look no further. The collection page is sure to have a colour and style that will whisper sweet nothings to your inner dice goblin.

No matter your personal, or you characters aesthetic. You will find an art-core dice set that fits.