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Lavender Seraph | 7 Pc Set | Light Purple Liquid Core DnD Dice With Metallic Numbering | Sharp Edge Resin

Lavender Seraph | 7 Pc Set | Light Purple Liquid Core DnD Dice With Metallic Numbering | Sharp Edge Resin

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Lavender Seraph - Celestial Dice of Serenity

A glimpse into a realm where beauty and serenity intertwine.

A Celestial Design

Step into a realm of celestial wonder with Lavender Seraph, an otherworldly dice set that exudes ethereal beauty and serenity. Crafted from pastel, light purple resin, these dice capture the essence of a tranquil lavender field. The surface of each die is delicately polished, resembling the soft brush of angelic wings, while the elegant rose gold foil imbeds add a touch of celestial radiance. 

Shimmering Liquid Core

At the heart of each Lavender Seraph die lies a shimmering liquid core, akin to a celestial pool that sparkles with an otherworldly glow. The colours of pale purple and gentle, glittering white mica powder blend harmoniously. With every roll, the liquid core swirls beautifully.

Embrace the celestial essence of Lavender Seraph and let its calming influence wash over your TTRPG experience.

Gilded Numbering

The numbering on each of the sharp edge liquid core dice are a metallic purple, gilded in soft hues. With a faint shimmering under the light, this dice set will guide you through the darkest of D&D adventuring encounters. As if scribed by a seraph's hand, the purple numbers blend seamlessly with the dice's lavender tones, enhancing the overall look.

Evoke Serenity and Grace

Whether you're embarking on a daring quest or unravelling mysteries in the cosmos, these purple dice will infuse your gaming experience with stunning allure. The perfect set for a DnD character of noble descent, lawful good alignment, and celestial beings.

Let the Lavender Seraph dice set guide your fate.



This dungeons and dragons dice set is a light pastel purple shade with rose gold imbeds. They looks absolutely wonderful with the shimmering mica powder liquid core middle.


  • Sets are Approximately 24mm (based on D20)
  • 33mm Chonk is Approx. 30mm flat faced & 38mm point to point

This set fits in our bespoke wooden dice boxes!

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