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Blue Dragon | Moving Eyeball | Liquid Core Dice

Blue Dragon | Moving Eyeball | Liquid Core Dice

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Eyeball - Size

Our Moving Eyeball Liquid Core Dice

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Our large Chonk eyeball D20's and 7 Piece Dice Sets feature a liquid core middle with moving eyeballs inside!

The eyeball designs are eye-catching and a little unnerving. The eyeball inside does move with each throw of the dice, and they do a wonderful little wobble once they come to a stop. The eye is always positioned in the same spot, pointing upwards, so they're always watching your throws. Don't cheat, or they will know.

Being polished sharp edge resin dice, at this size each has a lovely feel and solid weight.

Perfect for any Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or other TTRPG campaigns requiring D20 dice or 7 piece dice sets.

With the liquid core and moving eyeballs, this gives them a unique feel and adds flare to any roll of the die.

These large sharp edge resin eyeball liquid core dice are the perfect gift to add to any dice goblins collection! (or if you want to keep an 'eye' on any sneaky rollers) or anyone obsessed with the Beholder mobs from Dungeons and Dragons

Our Chonk D20 dice unfortunately do not fit in our standard dice boxes - They're huge!

All of our other dice sets do fit in our dice boxes.


Orange dragon eye (Sauron, is that you?)

Available in Sets - Chonk - Monster 50mm !


Sets are Approximately 24mm (based on D20)

Chonks are Approx. 33mm flat faced

38mm point to point

NEW! 50MM Green Dragon Eye Now Available



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