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Crystalline Ruby | Geode Dice | Sharp Edge Resin | 7 Piece Set

Crystalline Ruby | Geode Dice | Sharp Edge Resin | 7 Piece Set

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Unleash the Radiance of Crystalline Ruby | Geode Dice | Sharp Edge Resin | 7 Piece Set 🌟

Dive into a world of gaming elegance with our masterfully crafted Crystalline Ruby Geode Dice Set. This extraordinary 7-piece ensemble seamlessly fuses the allure of geodes with the craftsmanship of artisan dice making. Within each die lies a meticulously embedded manmade geode cracked geo, capturing the essence of the Earth's treasures and infusing your rolls with brilliance.

🎲 Craftsmanship and Geological Marvel:

With a dedication to perfection, every die within the Crystalline Ruby Geode Dice Set stands as a testament to the merging of refined artistry and the grandeur of Earth's geological marvels. The mesmerizing cracks of the geodes within are a reflection of our artisans' devotion, blending the splendor of nature with the precision of gaming excellence.

💎 Harness Geode Energy for Triumph:

Beyond the surface, the manmade geode cracked geo within each die carries a profound significance. As these dice roll, they carry more than just chance – they channel the energy of Earth's hidden treasures. Empower your rolls with the essence of the geode, infusing your gameplay with radiant energy and unparalleled vibrancy.

🌌 A Portal to Limitless Adventures:

The 7-piece Crystalline Ruby Geode Dice Set isn't just a collection; it's your doorway to boundless storytelling. Each roll holds the potential for epic narratives, and every number carries a tale. Whether you're a wily rogue, a cunning wizard, or a fearless paladin, these dice elevate your TTRPG encounters into a realm of splendour and wonder.


Please note these dice are made entirely of Resin - Therefore the core has the same density as the exterior of the dice and does not contain actual geodes, this also ensures that the dice remain balanced

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