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50mm Monster | Red & Teal | Moving Eyeball Chonk

50mm Monster | Red & Teal | Moving Eyeball Chonk

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Eerie All-Seeing Gaze! 👁️

Introducing the Red & Teal Eye D20, a dice that defies the norm and demands attention. At its heart lies a captivating Red & Teal eyeball, encased within a mesmerizing liquid core middle. It's a dice that's always watching, forever vigilant, adding an eerie twist to your gaming experience. 🌌

Uncanny Motion:

What sets the Red & Teal Eye D20 apart is its uncanny motion. With each roll, the eye within comes alive, gliding gracefully within the liquid core middle. It's as if the eye seeks to influence the fate of your rolls. But beware, don't cheat, or it will know. The gaze is relentless and knows no deceit. 👁️

Monster Chonk:

This Red & Teal Eye D20 is a true behemoth, measuring a colossal 50mm in size. Its immense presence on the tabletop not only adds grandeur but also makes it a captivating centerpiece of your gaming sessions. The eye's relentless watchfulness serves as a constant reminder that fate hangs in the balance with each roll. 🌟

The Perfect Gift:

These large sharp edge resin eyeball liquid core dice, adorned with the Red & Teal Eye design, are the perfect gift for avid dice enthusiasts, affectionately known as "dice goblins." They're also ideal for keeping an 'eye' on any sneaky rollers in your gaming group. With the sinister allure of the Red & Teal Eye, these dice are tailor-made for characters with an evil mindset or those who embody the essence of an all-seeing spy. The recipient of these dice will not only appreciate their exquisite craftsmanship but also relish the added layer of intrigue they bring to the gaming table. 🎁

Experience the uncanny allure of the Red & Teal Eye D20, a colossal 50mm behemoth with a mesmerizing moving eyeball core. Its relentless watchfulness adds an eerie twist to your tabletop adventures. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking to test your fate or a Game Master looking to add a touch of mystery to your campaign, these dice are an exquisite addition to your collection. Order yours today and let the Red & Teal Eye D20 become the focal point of your gaming realm! 👁️🎲💫

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