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Black Cracked Glass | Matte Finish | Raised Numbers

Black Cracked Glass | Matte Finish | Raised Numbers

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Introducing our remarkable set of Black Cracked Glass Dice: the epitome of a thunderstorm crackling across a darkened sky. 

This dice set is crafted with meticulous precision to offer an unparalleled gaming experience. Each die is made from real glass, with a stunning cracked finish. 

This glass dice set features an alluring matt finish, giving the dice a smooth, velvety touch, which is sure to add a luxurious element to your gaming sessions! The matt texture not only enhances the tactile experience but also prevents any unwanted reflections, ensuring optimal visibility of the raised numbering for your rolls.

Speaking of numbering, prepare to be enthralled by its simplicity. The numbers on this 7-piece dice set are raised, adding another tactile layer and enhancing the immersive gaming experience. 

The black cracked finish of these dice is nothing short of breathtaking. It captures the essence of a tempestuous thunderstorm frozen in glass, evoking a sense of awe and wonder with every roll. The intricate web of cracks is visually stunning and unique to each die, making each roll a truly individual experience. The swirling patterns and shattered lines accentuate the mystique of these dice, making them a standout addition to any gaming collection.

Whether you're a tabletop role-playing enthusiast, a passionate board gamer, or a collector of exceptional gaming artifacts, our Glass Dice are the perfect choice. Each set includes a complete set of standard-sized dice, allowing you to conquer realms, dominate foes, and embark on thrilling adventures with style and flair.

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