May the Dice Be With You: Top Tabletop Gaming Picks for Star Wars Day!

May the Dice Be With You: Top Tabletop Gaming Picks for Star Wars Day!

As Star Wars fans across the galaxy unite to celebrate May the 4th, what better way to honor the saga than by diving into the immersive world of tabletop gaming? We’ve curated a stellar collection of dice sets and accessories inspired by the far reaches of the Star Wars universe. From celestial-themed dice to accessories from the dark side, there’s something here for every Jedi Master and Sith Lord alike. 

Dice Sets:

1. Celestial Shadow:

Celestial Shadow Liquid Core Dice Set | Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set | Dungeons & Dragons | Pathfinder, DND Dice, Polyhedral Dice, RPG Dice SetTransport yourself to the depths of space with the Celestial Shadow dice set. Crafted from dark black resin with a mesmerizing mica powder middle and gold iridescent flakes, these dice evoke the vastness of the galaxy. The deep pink numbers serve as a guiding light through the stars.

2. Crystalline Ruby:

Crystalline Ruby | Resin Dice Set | Cracked Geode DesignChannel the fiery passion of Anakin Skywalker with the Crystalline Ruby dice set. Designed to resemble a cracked geode, these bright red dice feature hand-painted gold accents that capture the essence of molten lava. Let the Force flow through you as you roll these dice in your next game.

3. New Life:

New Life | Red Green & Clear Cracked Glass | Gold FontEmbrace the ever-changing nature of the Force with the New Life dice set. Made from cracked glass in a vibrant mix of red, green, and clear hues, these dice symbolize the cycle of renewal and growth. With each roll, may the Force guide you on your journey.

4. Glittering Nebula:

Glittering Nebula | Acrylic Dice SetStep into the cosmic unknown with the Glittering Nebula dice set. Crafted from acrylic in a mesmerizing blend of red, blue, and deep purple, these dice shimmer like distant galaxies. The hint of gold adds a touch of celestial elegance to your gaming experience.

5. Yooperlite:

Yooperlite Natural Stone Dice Set on white backgroundJourney to the desert sands of Tatooine with the Yooperlite dice set. Carved from natural stone with a brown, earthy hue reminiscent of sandstone, these dice pay homage to iconic Star Wars locales. Let the Force be your guide as you roll these dice in the heat of battle.

6. Shadowsinger:

Shadowsinger Chonk, large d20 on white backgroundDive into the depths of the dark side with the Shadowsinger dice set. Featuring a liquid core as dark as the night sky, these dice exude an aura of mystery and power. With each roll, embrace the shadows and unleash your inner Sith.

7. Mystery Metal:

Mystery Metal Dice packaging on white backgroundUnlock the secrets of the Force with the Mystery Metal dice set. Encased in gold packaging reminiscent of C-3PO, these dice hold the key to untold adventures. Will you heed the call of destiny and let the Force guide your fate?


1. Flannel Drawstring D20 Bag:

Keep your dice safe and secure with the Flannel Drawstring D20 Bag. Available in a range of colors, including a sand-inspired brown, this spacious bag is perfect for storing multiple sets of dice. Just watch out for any stray sand—it gets everywhere.

Red and Black Version:

Embrace the power of the dark side with the Red and Black D20 Bag. With its ominous color scheme, this bag is fit for any Sith Lord in training. Let your allegiance be known as you carry your dice into battle.

2. Blue Holo Flakes Dice Tray:

Elevate your gaming experience with the Blue Holo Flakes Dice Tray. Featuring a mesmerizing mix of blue, purple, and otherworldly colors, this tray is the perfect setting for your Star Wars adventures. May the Force be with you as you roll your dice and chart your course through the galaxy.
This Star Wars Day, let Tabletop Dominion be your guide to epic gaming adventures. Whether you're a Jedi seeking enlightenment or a Sith craving power, our dice sets and accessories will transport you to a galaxy far, far away. May the dice be with you, always.
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