The Best DND Dice in the United Kingdom | 2023

The Best DND Dice in the United Kingdom | 2023

At Tabletop Dominion, our passion for tabletop gaming is evident in every facet of our business. As our name suggests, we are dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts across the United Kingdom.

Commencing our journey as a UK-based business, our initial focus on crafting hard wood dice boxes and accessories tailored for TTRPG games quickly evolved. Today, we take immense pride in offering a diverse array of products, boasting hundreds of different types and styles of DND dice and an expanding collection of board games. Our commitment is to contribute to and enrich the vibrant tabletop gaming community in the UK.

As fervent members of this wonderful community, we consider ourselves more than just purveyors of gaming accessories; we are enthusiasts who share the same love for the immersive worlds created around the tabletop. Our goal is to not only meet the needs of tabletop gamers but also to contribute to the growth of tabletop gaming as a whole in the United Kingdom.

Here's a curated selection of some of our favourite dice picks to round off 2023, reflecting our dedication to quality, variety, and the joy of tabletop gaming:

The Gold and Blue Metal Set | Hextech:

These dice are one of my personal favourites.

The mesmerising allure of these dice lies in the radiant blue mica resin that seems to come alive in the light. It's more than just dice; it's an experience. The ethereal glow of the resin creates an enchanting spectacle, making it feel as if these dice are infused with mystical energies, ready to transport players to realms beyond imagination.

Purple & Green Moving Eyeballs

These dice are one of the latest additions to our moving eyeball dice range. Boating vibrant colours and their all seeing eyes, these dice are absolute show stoppers at any tabletop gaming event.


Dichroic Glass Dice

These dice are nothing short of magnificent, made using methods completely alien to most. These dice feature a sheet of Dichroic film at their core, partnered with the matte finish these dice really come alive in your hands. They are almost self illuminating.
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