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7 pc Set | The Alchemist | Metal Dice Set | Copper

7 pc Set | The Alchemist | Metal Dice Set | Copper

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The Alchemist - Copper Metal Dice Set

A testament to the pursuit of knowledge, transformation, and discovery.

Converging Design

Delve into the enigmatic world of alchemy with "The Alchemist" Copper Metal Dice Set, where mysticism and metal converge to form an extraordinary gaming accessory. Crafted with meticulous precision, each die is fashioned from high-quality Zinc Alloy, radiating a lustrous copper sheen that captures the essence of ancient alchemical wonders. The dice's captivating allure mirrors the allure of hidden laboratories, where secret experiments and magical transformations transpire. Prepare to be enchanted by the alchemy-inspired design of "The Alchemist."

Resin Stripe Inclusion

Intriguing green and purple resin stripes meander across the surface of each die, evoking the vibrant colours of elusive elixirs and potent potions. Like alchemical ingredients artfully blended, these resin stripes are a testament to the artistry behind the creation of "The Alchemist." The melding of colours reflects the harmonious dance between nature and metal, symbolizing the balance sought by alchemists in their quest for knowledge and transmutation. Let the swirling hues guide your rolls, infusing your games with a touch of alchemical magic.

Zinc Alloy Metal

"The Alchemist" dice are cast from durable Zinc Alloy, a metal known for its strength and versatility - qualities essential for any adventurer seeking to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. The copper finish exudes a sense of timeless elegance and invokes the essence of alchemical artifacts, as if each die holds the secret formula for success. The weighty feel of the Zinc Alloy metal adds a satisfying heft to your rolls, creating an immersive and tactile gaming experience that is sure to elevate your tabletop adventures.

Engraved Numbers

The enigmatic engravings adorning each face of "The Alchemist" dice are more than just numbers; they are symbolic of the intricate alchemical symbols and sigils that once adorned ancient manuscripts. These engraved numbers serve as a constant reminder of the alchemical journey you embark on with every roll. As you unleash the magic held within each die, the engraved numerals guide you through twists and turns, leading you towards destiny's mysterious path.

Embrace the Alchemist's Path

"The Alchemist" Copper Metal Dice Set is more than just a gaming accessory; it is a testament to the pursuit of knowledge, transformation, and discovery. Embrace the alchemist's path as you roll these beautifully crafted dice, seeking to transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary. Let the enchanting colors, the strength of Zinc Alloy metal, and the alchemical symbolism fuel your imagination and propel you into a world of endless possibilities. Unleash the alchemist within, and let the power of "The Alchemist" guide your fate in the realms of gaming and beyond.


D20: 23MM
D12: 20MM
D10: 23MM
D8: 26MM
D6: 16MM

We have tested all of our dice with our Artisan dice boxes and they all fit within them.

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