What Do You Need to DM in Dungeons and Dragons?

What Do You Need to DM in Dungeons and Dragons?

Hail, adventurer! If you're ready to step into the illustrious role of Game Master or Dungeon Master in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, you'll need more than just courage!

Fear not, for we shall guide you on this journey, unveiling the essential materials and equipment you'll require to succeed in your quest and run a successful D&D game.

Embrace Your Role

As the GM, you are the master of your domain, responsible for crafting the very fabric of the world in which your players shall tread. The lands, creatures, and characters shall be your creations, waiting to be explored and interacted with. This may seem like a daunting task, but worry not – it's an exciting adventure!

Essential Equipment

The life of a Game Master or Dungeon Master in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons is no easy feat. It's a task fraught with peril, requiring the guidance of rulebooks and the aid of mighty monsters and miniatures!

Set(s) of Dice

First and foremost, arm yourself with a set of dice, just like the players. These are the tools by which fate shall be decided, and destiny shall unfold. Dice in D&D come in various shapes and sizes, from the humble D4 to the grand D20. Get familiar with them all, for they shall determine the outcome of battles and tests of skill in your campaign.

Check out our guide on identifying and understanding the essential dice for Tabletop roleplaying games here.


As a GM or DM, you need the Player's Handbook as your trusty tome, guiding you through character creation and gameplay. It acts as a foundation, containing all the information and wisdom needed to craft heroes worthy of epic tales. However, beware! The Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) is another essential, providing rules and guidelines tailored for GMs and DMs. It's your holy grail, offering insights into running a D&D game, creating adventures, and shaping non-player characters (NPCs).

Monster Manual

A Monster Manual is a treasure trove for GMs, offering information on all the monsters in the game. Dive into details about their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This knowledge will add depth to the creatures players encounter, lurking in the shadows.


What about the game board, you may ask? Fear not, for miniatures shall be your salvation! A set of miniatures is essential to represent NPCs and monsters on the game board. These miniatures can be crafted from plastic, metal, or resin. Whether you prefer a battle map or a more imaginative approach, these miniatures will aid you in visualizing and tracking the positions of characters and foes.

Hidden Details - The DM Screen

A GM or DM will need a screen to hide notes and dice rolls from players. This adds an element of surprise and keeps certain information private.

Additional Tools for Success

In addition to the essentials, equip yourself with a writing instrument and paper to take notes during the game and track the story's progress. A notebook or binder is helpful for keeping all game materials organized.

Consider incorporating digital tools like a virtual tabletop. This allows players to see the map, miniatures, and your notes all in one place.

Every DND Journey Begins

In conclusion, being a GM or DM in D&D requires a bit more preparation and materials than being a player. A set of dice, rulebooks, a monster manual, miniatures, a screen, a writing instrument, and a notebook or binder are all essential for running a successful D&D game. Using a digital tool like a virtual tabletop can make your job easier and more efficient. With these tools in hand, you'll be ready to create an exciting and immersive world for your players to explore.

Remember, anyone can be a Dungeon Master! The more you do it, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. So, embark on your quest, and may your campaigns be filled with epic adventures!

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