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Autumn Court Dice Set

Autumn Court Dice Set


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Hand Crafted Sharp Edge Resin Dice.

Red coloured flowers with gold insert in clear resin, with metallic silver numbers.

The Autumn Court set features dazzling red flowers with gold flake inserts - With beautiful colouring both indoors and in various types of lighting as well as the clear numbering, they have a lovely feel. As they are sharp edged, they are an amazing set of dice for any D&D or other TTRPG campaigns.

The red and gold colour combination gives this set of dice an autumnal feel.

A metallic insert gives this dice set a truly wonderful feel and adds a sheen to any roll of the die.

These dice are the perfect gift or to add to any dice goblins collection!

We have tested all of our dice with our Artisan dice boxes and they all fit within them.


D20: 23MM
D12: 20MM
D10: 23MM
D8: 26MM
D6: 16MM