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50mm Monster Chonk | Evil Eye | Moving Eyeball | Liquid Core Dice

50mm Monster Chonk | Evil Eye | Moving Eyeball | Liquid Core Dice

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Moving Eyeball Liquid Core Dice

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Evil Eye Monster Chonk is an awe-inspiring oversized D20 dice that stands at a colossal 50mm in size!

An Eye-Catching Design

Being polished sharp edge resin, the oversized D20 has a great feel and solid weight, adding flare to each roll. The eyeball design is eye-catching and a little unnerving. 

The attention to detail is astonishing - minute lines run through the deep, dark blue of the eye itself, adding a hint of realism. The rounded, dark pupil adds an uncanny edge to the design.

The resin itself is clear, slightly smoky and darkened in tone, elevating the overall look of the monster D20. It is the perfect, unhinged addition for any TTRPG campaign requiring D20 dice or 7 piece dice sets, including Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder.

An additional eye-catching detail of the Evil eye design is the bright blue metallic numbering. Clear and easily readable, this set is a sight to behold.

Always Watching

At its very core lies a captivating dark blue eyeball, encased within a liquid core middle, forever watching, forever vigilant.

What sets the evil eye apart is its uncanny motion. With every roll, the eye within comes alive, gliding gracefully within the liquid core middle, as if the eye wishes to influence the fates of your rolls.

Don't cheat, or it will know.

Monster Chonk

Being gigantic in size (50mm), this D20 is a behemoth that is sure to be the envy of the rest of your party. 

The Perfect Gift

These large sharp edge resin eyeball liquid core dice (Evil Eye Design) are the perfect gift for dice goblins (and for keeping an 'eye' on any sneaky rollers). With the Blue Eye design, these dice are also ideal for any character aligned with true evil, or eldritch origins.

Available in

  • Seven Piece Sets
  • 33mm Oversized D20 Chonks
  • 50mm Oversized D20 Monster 


  • Sets are Approximately 24mm (based on D20)
  • Chonk D20's are Approximately 33mm flat faced & 38mm point to point
  • Monster D20's are Approximately 50mm flat faced

Our Chonk D20 dice unfortunately do not fit in our standard dice boxes - They're huge!

However, all of our other 7 piece dice sets do fit in our dice boxes.

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