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16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack

16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack

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🌿 Embrace the Mystical Swamp

Delve into the mystical swamp and embrace the eerie allure with our 16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack Dice Set. This set of 12 dice is your portal to an enchanting and otherworldly gaming experience. 🌑

Each die is crafted with precision, featuring a dark and swampy green resin that exudes the essence of the mystic swamp. The addition of copper flask and copper-inked numbers enhances their mystique. Immerse yourself in the arcane aura of these dice, designed for players who love necromancy or the sinister, swamp-dwelling hags from DND Lore. Perfect for games that involve concocting evil potions and lotions.

🧙‍♀️ Crafted for the Occult

Beyond their captivating appearance, our 16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack D6 Dice are crafted for the occult, adding a touch of dark magic to your gaming adventures. ✨

The deep and swampy green resin captures the very essence of ancient rituals and mysterious incantations. The copper flask and numbers evoke images of sinister brews and mystical elixirs. These dice are more than just tools; they are a gateway to the mystical and the arcane. With their perfect weight and feel, they become an extension of your gaming persona, guiding you through the shadowy world of necromancy and hags.

🌌 Unearth Sinister Secrets

The 16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack of Dice are more than just gaming accessories; they are a means to unearth sinister secrets and invoke dark enchantments. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner of necromancy or a curious newcomer, these dice will become a treasured part of your collection. 🔮

A range of dark and swampy green colours inspired by a mysterious swamp. The set is elegantly presented in a sturdy storage box, ensuring your dice remain both protected and pristine. Ideal for both beginners and experienced gamers, these dice awaken the mystic within you. They are not just dice; they are a conversation starter and a symbol of your affinity for the occult. Elevate your gaming nights and brew sinister potions with 16mm D6 | The Hag | 12 Pack.

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