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16mm D6 | Infernal Engine | 12 Pack

16mm D6 | Infernal Engine | 12 Pack

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🔥 Unleash the Infernal Power

Dive into the abyss and unleash the infernal power with our 16mm D6 | Infernal Engine | 12 Pack Dice Set. This collection of 12 dice is a gateway to a dark and thrilling gaming experience. 🌑

Crafted with meticulous care, each die features a dark black resin infused with mesmerizing gold foil flakes and bright red numbers. Feel the embrace of the underworld as you roll these dice and immerse yourself in the mysterious aura they exude. Ideal for a wide range of games, from sinister campaigns to intense board games.

💀 Forged in Darkness

Beyond their sinister appearance, our 16mm D6 | Infernal Engine | 12 Pack Dice are forged in darkness to provide you with exceptional quality and style. 💎

The gold foil flakes create an alluring contrast against the deep black resin, making these dice visually striking. Precision-engraved bright red numbers ensure readability and add a touch of malevolence to your rolls. Crafted with the perfect weight and feel, these dice elevate your gaming sessions, immersing you further into the shadows. With a set of 12 dice, you have everything you need to conquer the darkest realms.

🌋 Claim Your Infernal Legacy

The 16mm D6 | Infernal Engine | 12 Pack of Dice are more than just gaming tools; they are a means to claim your infernal legacy in the gaming world. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, these dice will become a cherished part of your collection. 🔥

Select from an array of dark and mysterious colours inspired by the abyss. The set arrives in an elegant and sturdy storage box for safekeeping, ensuring your dice remain pristine. Ideal for both beginners and experienced gamers, these dice awaken the thrill of gaming with their demonic allure. They are not just dice; they are a conversation starter and a symbol of your mastery. Elevate your gaming nights and establish yourself as a formidable hellish patron.

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