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Roll Britannia is a Dungeons & Dragons UK podcast, unlike anything you've heard before. These five British lads tried their hand at D&D for the first time and for some reason decided that recording their journey was a good idea. Join us on our journey of discovery, from learning the basics of D&D5e, along the road to dice goblinship and suffering with the overwhelming urge to play Dungeons & Dragons every day...

This comedy-focused D&D5e Podcast is packed full of laughs, with D20 rolls to guide us on our way, join the crew as they set sail for the high seas of podcast adventure!



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Meet The Crew

Get to know more about the cast of this British D&D Podcast we call Roll Britannia

  • Paul | Malrus & Milo Tosscobble

    A Filmmaker, Photographer & Video Editor based in Stratford Upon Avon. In Roll Britannia he plays Malrus Tosscobble a Cleric with a hidden past. As the story begins Malrus is seeking his brother Milo whom he was recently separated from. On receiving news of his brother’s whereabouts Malrus stopping at nothing to get his life back together straps on his sea legs and joins a ship's crew and is thrown together with the other scoundrels during a Kraken attack.

  • James | The Dungeon Master

    An Essex boy at heart, but now calling the Midlands his home, has nearly 10 years experience working in the Radio Industry (and a degree in it for good measure), but absolutely none in playing Dungeons & Dragons.  Why then, you might ask, would you decide to be a Dungeon Master and record it all?  Well, when you ask people to play D&D with you it just seems rude to ask them to run the game too (Plus who else could bring Captain SM Timbers to the world).

  • Tom | Keth Frostiron

    Tom grew up in the Midlands but has lived and worked in all sorts of places across the world. Claims to be a jack of all trades, knows a little bit about a lot of things and often gets by utilising only sarcasm and boyish enthusiasm. Roll Britannia is Tom’s first foray into DnD where he voices Keth Frostiron, a gregarious and beer-loving Half-Orc who really enjoys a good skirmish, as he recklessly throws himself into this new world of swashbuckling with a ragtag bunch of misfits.

  • Chip | Jeff Silverbow

    A passionate individual with a love of video making who currently plays his part as a working cog in the machine. Luckily, Chip has his escape from the monotony of everyday life in the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons. In Roll Britannia, Chips first dally into DnD, he plays Jeff Silverbow, a human boy trying to flee the city. Some would say there’s more to him than meets the eye, some think he’s just a bit odd.

  • Sophie | River

    As a Mum to two young kids, I spend a lot of time not saying what I really want to which is where River comes in. A sassy sarcastic water genasi who has absolutely no time for the boys' nonsense.
    Don't ask about her troubled past, don't even think about getting in her way and no, she doesn't need any help thank you very much. Desperate to seek approval from Captain Timbers, will she ever find her place?

  • Alex | Derek Normalbeard

    Filmmaker, photographer and artist based in Bristol and working across the UK. In Roll Britannia he plays Derek Normalbeard, a semi-retired gangster with a totally real and normal beard (think Michael Caine but shorter and angrier). As our story begins, Derek seeks adventure to break up the monotony of his reluctant retirement, but as he joins up with a crew of seafaring ne’er do wells, pieces of his sordid past begin to come to light. Will Derek ever calm down, and can he learn to trust?

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